About T’Juanna Winters


T’Juanna was born into a middle-class family in East St. Louis, IL. to a teenage single mother and later raised in an inner-city Oceanside, California neighborhood. At the age of six she moved to Dallas, TX and began her education in the Dallas Public School system. T’Juanna and her sister grew up baking and cooking with their grandmother, Elizabeth Jones. She loved being in the kitchen and bringing joy to others through the foods they created together. Upon graduation from Kimball High School she attended Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. where she began working in the hospitality industry. She eventually became a “downsizer” and jokingly refers to this time in her life as being a Corporate Janitor because she became proficient at going into a struggling concept, pinpointing issues with staffing, management and procedures and cleaning up the mess to make concepts financially viable. Upon retirement from the corporate world, Winters reignited her passion for baking and at the urging of family and friends, launched Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats in December 2019. She uses the freshest ingredients and a limitless imagination to create high-quality candies, cakes and cookies in flavor profiles, both traditional and imaginative, packaged to impress the receiver. The family recipes used have been passed down over the years and reimagined for new generations of fans to enjoy them. https://lizzieluluxury-treats.com


Giving back was an integral part of Winters family philosophy and the spirit of creating human connections that motivated our founder 35 years ago, remains the driving force that inspires her today. She is on a mission to help women tear down the walls that hinder them from succeeding and through her 501c3 Lil Lizzie Foundation, T’Juanna has dedicated herself to bring high-impact awareness to communities in need and is most passionate about providing aid to senior citizens and children, who are typically the underserved in any community. https://lillizziefoundation.org/